I have asked myself this question many times and even doubted I had the understanding and the capacity to teach prenatal yoga given that I do not have the experience of being pregnant myself. 

The picture you see above is the first ever picture of me. I am 28.5 weeks old, weigh 1200g, and will spend the next 2.5 months on an incubator being fed by tubes. I was the second pregnancy of my mother, the first ended in tragedy at 26 weeks. I can only imagine how sad and afraid my mother was during this time, yet, after all that pain she went for a second pregnancy. She then gave birth to an extremely premature baby. Fear of another loss was probably overwhelming.

We are all children of society, but we are also mothers. We have to nourish society.

From the book”Being Peace” by Thich Nhat Hanh

I have seen the pain of my mother. She will always carry it within her, and in a way I carry it within me as well, passed on through my own memories with her. The compassion that has arisen from this experience has moved me and has become the reason why I want to share whatever I know with other women, so they might be better equipped for motherhood.

I have studied, trained and practised, and I continue to do so in order to be able to hold a safe space for mums that attend my prenatal yoga classes; to be there to remind them that all what they need they already have, especially their own strength and courage, and to share whatever might be beneficial so they can move through their pregnancy and birthing experience with acceptance and ease.  

Prenatal Yoga / Balasana
Photography by Rowan Thornhill

Prenatal yoga will support your pregnancy and my intention is to share with you some tools that will be helpful when you are giving birth but also after that. The practice will also help you to accept the natural changes you are going through, to trust your own body, to be confident and resilient.

I am very happy to invite you to join my regular Prenatal Yoga classes.

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